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The effectiveness of your internet marketing strategy relies heavily on the quality of the content in the website. In order to reach your target clientele you must have compelling content relevant to the needs of the prospective client. It is important to research which words your prospective clients are typing in search engines and include these keywords in the website content. While keywords are an important part of quality website copy, they must not be overused. Our Lawyer SEO experts understand that, search engines will penalize for overuse of competitive keywords. The copywriters at RF Marketing Group understand the challenges to writing good internet copy and consistently produce content that performs well in search engine results.

Content also needs to be concise. No one likes to read more than necessary, especially on a computer screen. The content must be written in a way that appeals to the targeted audience while also generating a call to action. RF Marketing Group copywriters consistently produce concise, compelling content specifically targeted to your prospective clientele.


Our copywriting services are available only to our Search Engine Optimization Package and Lead Generation Website Package customers for $49 per page. This includes all necessary research needed to compose compelling content for lawyer search engine optimization.

Our expert team will consult with you to help you pick the best topics for your web pages.  Then you hang up the phone and you are done.  We do the rest.  Call us for a free content consultation today 210-269-9829.


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