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Has your website's performance dropped off in the past months?  If the answer is yes, then you need a Jolt.  Pick one of the 4 plans below based on how competitive your market is (pricing is listed on each plan page).  If you don't know which level to pick, call us, we will evaluate your site and let you know.

1. Just Links Plan:  This plan is for the lawyer or law firm that has a well optimized site.  All you need is link popularity.  If your site is already working well and you want it to perform better, then this option is for you. $950 


2. Lite SEO Plan: This plan is for law firms with some website experience and a tight budget.  Your site just needs the proper title tags coded to each page and you need increased link popularity. $1850


3. Optimum Plan: this optimization plan fits the needs of most solo attorneys and two attorney firms with no prior web marketing experience $3900   Read more...


4. Maximum Plan:  This plan is best suited for larger firms or big marketing firms.  $7800  Read More...


5. Comparison Chart: Compare all of our SEO plans side by side and pick the one the fits your needs.  Read More...


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7. Lawyer SEO FAQs: Lawyer Search Engine Marketing (or Optimization) Frequently Asked Questions.

Lawyer Search engine optimization involves using several key techniques to improve search engine rankings and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

We understand that your competition for new clients grows every day.  Your website will not optimize itself.  Let us be a part of your firm's success.  Our pricing is very reasonable and our customer service is great.  Contact us today and let us help you rise to the top.

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