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Lawyer Web Marketing: We do everything for you!  A lawyer's time is his / her most valuable asset.  We save you time because:

- we design your site,
- we write your site,
- we host your site,
- we optimize your site,
- and we market your site..

You don't have to be a webmaster to have a successful web marketing plan.  You can continue being a lawyer and we will build your firm's custom website from start to finish. 


Many of our competitors "rent" their sites to you. With them, you will have to pay the same high cost year after year.  This should not be so.  Our service is different.  With RF Marketing Group, YOU WILL OWN your site when you are through paying for our services.  Why rent and pay year after year, when you can pay for it once and own itContact us today for a free evaluation.

RF Marketing Group has three levels of websites to fit your firm’s specific needs.  Click Below to Read More:

1. Silver Level Lawyer Website

2. Gold Level Lawyer Website

3. Platinum Level Lawyer Website


Internet marketing yields one of the leading returns on investment (ROI) due to the much lower cost of internet advertising as compared to other medias. When handled by website marketing professionals, internet marketing campaigns are highly profitable methods of lead generation. RF Marketing Group provides superior web based lead generation sources for law firms and other professionals. Our websites are designed from the ground up to match your firm's specific needs and perform well in various search engine results. Our web design team has a thorough understanding of lawyer search engine optimization and is up to date on the “rules” used by the various search engines in order to ensure your site gets seen by potential clients.

Does your firm need an internet presence that produces new clients?  If yes, then contact RF Marketing Group today.  Compare our Lawyer SEO rates.

Extra Options

Website Extra Pages - $49 per additional page RF Marketing Group writes. If your firm writes the extra content there will be no charge to add the extra pages to the site up to twice the number of pages in the proposed site.

Web Hosting: Web hosting fees are included in your monthly payment. Once you have finished paying for your site you will be billed $40 per month for hosting on the RF Marketing Group Server. This fee includes maintenance for your site and the addition of any new pages (written by you) or photos. RF Marketing Group will host our SEO Package clients or Website Design Package clients only. See our Web Hosting Page for more details.

RF Marketing Group is geared toward the professional looking to increase clientele through quality online marketing strategies. Our company understands the specific needs of Lawyers, and strives to provide the best possible service while creating highly effective internet marketing strategies unique to each law firm. Call or email us today to see how RF Marketing Group can help improve or create your internet marketing strategy.


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