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Lawyer Search Engine Optimization  (SEM / SEO) FAQ 1.
Do I really need to optimize my site?

Yes, of course. If you don’t make your site accessible to search engines and directories you won’t be found. Web sites in today's competitive lawyer market that are not optimized for search don't have much of a chance of being found by potential customers. If new clients can’t find your site then they can’t hire you. Therefore, you absolutely should optimize your site.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization  (SEM / SEO) FAQ 2.
How long will it take before I can expect results?

Organic search results take time. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN index over 3 Billion websites every month. It can take weeks or even months before your site is recognized and promoted with in the Search Engine Result Pages. That is why many attorneys give up on organic search engine optimization and settle for pay-per-click advertising. However, patience can be greatly rewarded by opting for organic search results. Once your site gets properly indexed for your target keywords, you can start receiving valuable traffic to your site at no cost. Every click from pay-per-click advertising will always cost money. Clicks from organic search results are free. Pay-per-click is a good supplement to your marketing efforts, but organic search results should be your first priority. They are worth the wait.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization  (SEM / SEO) FAQ 3.
Do you guarantee results?

No, marketing is always a risk. We don’t control the search engines and anyone who offers a guarantee suggests that they do should not be trusted. Most guarantees are vague or tricky to make you believe that you are getting guaranteed results. However, if you analyze the supposed guarantee carefully, you will see that they are not really assuring you success. We suggest that you avoid companies that offer guarantees and “hype”. Our strategy is simple: understand the rules that the major search engines employ, and follow them better than the competition does. When you follow the rules, you tend to get good results. When you fall for the “hype”, then you risk loosing your positioning, or even loosing your indexing with the major search engines completely.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization  (SEM / SEO) FAQ 4.
What is the most important search engine rule?

Content. Your site needs unique and keyword rich content. There is no substitution or magic bullet that can replace content. Be sure that your content is unique. Don’t copy content from other websites. The major search engines penalize duplicated content. That means that a page from your website will be removed from the search engine indexes or your entire site could be removed depending on the severity of the penalty. Write content for clients not search engines. You don’t want to give legal advice online, you want the clients to call you for advice. Write from that point of view. When writing content, focus on your most valuable clients and write with them in mind. Don’t ruin your content by overusing keywords. You won’t gain many new clients if your site reads like a tangled jungle of keywords. Inform your clients. Don’t just write an online brochure. Make sure your content makes sense. Then sprinkle your keywords in as they would naturally occur in the topic.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization  (SEM / SEO) FAQ 5.
How do I know if my search engine rankings are as a result of your SEO?

Every month we will furnish you with a search engine position report for a period of six months. We will give you an initial base line position report determine how your site currently ranks. Then we will compare your results each month to track your progress. These easy-to-read reports will tell you what your positions are at each of the top search engines for the keywords that we have targeted. The reports will be delivered to you via email or fax (which ever you prefer) each month so there will be no need for you to remember to login and check them. We know that you are busy so we will provide the reports for you for six months. If you want to continue to receive these reports after the six month period, we can provide them for you for a small fee.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization  (SEM / SEO) FAQ 6.
Why aren’t my internal pages indexed by the search engines?

There could be many reasons for internal pages being excluded from search engines. The search engines may have only visited the site once. That is ok because they will usually come back for a “deep crawl” later. Or, your website may have a structure that makes it impossible for the search engines to locate your internal pages. One of the most common problems is a site navigation problem. We often suggest that you create a sitemap on your site that links to every internal page in the site. This sitemap will help the search engines navigate to the internal pages and index them. Every page in your site that is indexed by the search engine gives you an opportunity to be found by potential clients. Therefore, you should try to get every page in your site indexed. We will help you do that.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization  (SEM / SEO) FAQ 7.
What SEO tricks should I avoid?

Many optimizers use unethical “tricks” (called “black hat” techniques) that are easily detected by the search engines. These techniques often do raise your search engine ranking, but results are often short lived. Once the search engines find such “spam” on your site, they usually penalize you’re the site. These penalties can be as severe as removing your site from the search engine indexes completely. If that happens, your website traffic will drop off dramatically or stop altogether. These techniques include cloaking, keyword stuffing, automatically generated doorway pages, invisible text, duplicated content on multiple pages, unrelated link farms, and more. Don't go for the quick fix; optimize your site for the long haul.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization  (SEM / SEO) FAQ 8.
Why did my new site start doing well in Google and then disappear?

Your site was likely put into the Google “Sandbox”. Google doesn’t officially acknowledge the sandbox, but its existence is very real. Google will pull “newer” websites from their index and wait for a period of time (up to 6 months – maybe more in some cases). After the sandbox period of time is met, Google puts your site back into the index. This is Google’s defense against spam websites that pop up overnight then disappear. If your site sticks around during the sandbox period of time then your site is considered to be a legitimate site.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization  (SEM / SEO) FAQ 9.
So how do I get out of the Sandbox?

The only technique that might shorten the sandbox period of time is to increase the number of valuable one-way inbound links. However, experience shows that you cannot receive too many links at one time or you will get a link flooding penalty that will keep you in the sandbox longer. You want a slow steady increase of links over a long period of time.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization  (SEM / SEO) FAQ 10.
How much does your optimization service cost?

We have different levels of optimization to fit your specific website and your law firm’s goals. Not only is our pricing affordable, it usually is much less expensive than Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. We encourage you to do a simple 12 month ROI comparison and you will see that organic search engine results are much less expensive than Pay Per Click campaigns. Search engine optimization will become your number one website marketing priority.

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