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The "Just Links" SEO package is only for the lawyer or law firm experienced and well versed in web marketing.  Your site is already properly coded, title tags, description tags, meta keywords, etc..  Your site structure is already search engine friendly. 

If your site doesn't match this description, then this option is NOT for you (please consider one of our other options in our comparison chart). 

If your site does meet this description, then you don't need our full service.  Your site just needs more link popularity.  We will manually submit your site to 500 search engine friendly directories and request one-way, inbound links for your site. 

Step 1: Link Popularity Building

Link popularity is one of the most important factors for ranking high in search engine results. The more quality inbound links you have pointing to your site the higher you will tend to rank.  Quality links generate traffic more likely to be converted into sales.   Our JUST LINKS SEO Package includes the manual submission of your website to 500 internet directories.  These directories are human edited which means that an actual person reviews your submission and decides whether or not to place your site on their directory.  If they do, then you have a valuable inbound link that is considered as a 'vote of confidence" by the major search engines.

Warning:   When trying to get inbound links, don't fall for reciprocal link schemes or "linking co-ops".  Google is wise to them and considers them to be Spam.  The links that have real value are one-way inbound links from human edited sources.  That is why our service is so valuable to your firm.

Is this plan right for you? Comparison Chart: Compare our four optimization plans and pick the one the fits your needs.  Lawyer SEO...

Free Website Evaluation:

Our SEO experts realize that not every website is suitable for optimization.  We will not optimize a site that we believe will not perform.  Submit your site to us for a free evaluation.  If we can optimize your site, we will let you know.  If we believe that your site will not perform, then we will send you tips to improve your site before we optimize it.  Please use the form below and let us evaluate your site's potential today.

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Whether you need help with optimization on an existing site or you need a custom built website geared toward your specific client base, RF Marketing Group can help you get results. It’s time to get your website seen and start generating new clients!  Lawyer Search Engine Optimization.

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